7 Foods That Will Fill The Shortage Of Iron In The Body

Iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is one type of protein that stays in the red blood cells and supplies Oxygen to various parts of the body. Myoglobin is another component of muscles like Hemoglobin. And it is necessary for the production of this Myoglobin. 8 Mg of it is a daily requirement for an adult man. And women need 18 mg. A pregnant woman needs 7 mg of it per day.

Lack of it in the body can cause iron deficiency anemia. This type of anemia makes a person weak and tired. It also makes the mood irritable. Normally, children and pregnant women have anemia caused by iron deficiency. As a result, women might have premature delivery.

There are two types of iron, Animal and Vegetable. These two types of Irons are essential to prevent Iron deficiency.

Now Let’s Know About The Sources Of Iron:

1. Liver:

The liver is a good source of it. It also have vitamins, mineral, salt and protein. Cow liver has large amount of it in it. A slice of beef liver contains 5 mg of iron. Those who do not like to eat liver can eat eggs and red meat. Half cup of egg yolk contains 3 mg of it. 3 ounce of red meat contains 2-3 mg iron.

2. Dark Chocolate:

All of you will be happy to know that dark chocolate is good for us. Yes, dark chocolate is a good source of iron and it contains anti oxidants.

3. Vetch:

A cup of vetch contains 5 mg of iron and it also contains protein. Vetch is an ideal food for vegetarians. Vetch is a very delicate food. It can be used with Salad and Pasta.

4. Pumpkin Seeds:

A cup of pumpkin seed contains 2 mg of iron. Delicious pumpkin seeds can be cooked or eaten boiled. You can also have it with salad. So, keep some pumpkin seeds at home.

5. Peas:

Another good source of iron is peas. A cup of peas contains 6 mg iron and large amount of fibers. It has low amount of cholesterol and it helps maintains blood sugar level.

6. Spinach:

One cup of cooked spinach contains 6 mg iron. It also contains protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin A and E. Body can easily absorb the nutrients of cooked spinach. It is very good for kids.

7. Boiled Potato:

Boiled potato contains Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, as well as large amount of it. A boiled potato with its peel contains 3 mg iron.

There are also many other iron rich foods such as, Almonds, raisins, tomato, pea, bean seeds, etc. You should try to eat these types of foods more often in order to prevent iron deficiency. To help the body to absorb iron, you should eat Vitamin C enriched food. You should eat Orange, Strawberries and Broccoli which are enriched with Vitamin C. If Iron-rich diet is a problem for you, then you should take iron supplements. You should keep in mind that you must have sufficient amount of iron-rich foods. You must give your body the right amount of iron it needs. Otherwise you will suffer from Iron Deficiency Anemia. By any possible way you should fulfill the need of iron in your body. If you have problem eating any specific food, find an alternative for it. For example, if you have problem eating cow liver, you can eat eggs or red meat (beef, mutton). Lack of iron in the body can cause lots of sufferings. So eating Iron-rich food is a must for us.



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