7 Ways To Solve Low Blood Pressure Problem At Home

High blood pressure or low blood pressure, both are harmful for health. Blood pressure readings 60 or below is considered low blood pressure. Those who suffer from low blood pressure problem, they feel tired throughout all day. They can also have other problems like dizziness, concentration problems and etc.

if you follow certain procedures and certain diet, you can easily get rid of low blood pressure problems.

Lets Know About 7 Domestic Remedies For Low Blood Pressure:

Increase Salt Intake:

If you are suffering from low blood pressure problem you should increase the amount of salt you intake everyday. Salt helps to increase blood pressure.
*Take half teaspoon of salt and mix it with a glass of water
*If you suffer from low blood pressure problem on a regular basis, you should drink this salt water twice a day. You can also drink saline. It can also help.


Those who feel dizzy because of low blood pressure can try eating honey to reduce the dizziness problem. Honey will help to reduce dizziness immediately. So you should eat honey on a regular basis if you have low blood pressure problem.
*Mix two tablespoons of honey with a glass of water.
*Now take a pinch of salt and mix it with the water.
*Now drink the water mixed with honey and salt. Dizziness that occurred due to low blood pressure will reduce within a few minutes.


Pomegranate is a quite expensive fruit. But it serves as a good medicine in case of low blood pressure. So those who are suffering from low blood pressure problem, keep pomegranate in your diet if you can afford it.
*You can eat Pomegranate as a fruit.
*You can eat it with other fruits as Salad.
*You can also put Pomegranate grains in a blender and blend it. Then after straining it, you can drink it as juice.

Drink a Plenty of Water:

Many people suffer from low blood pressure due to dehydration problems. So, drink plenty of water if you have low blood pressure problem.
*Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. It is a thing you must do.
*You can drink lots of fresh fruit juice.
*You can also drink Saline or Glucose.

Basil Leaves:

Basil leave is useful in many ways. Herb of basil leaves can solve low blood pressure problem.
*Take 10-15 Basil leaves and contuse them.
*Mix one tablespoon of honey with Basil leaf juice.
*Drink the mixture of Basil leaf juice and honey every morning on an empty stomach.

Eat Nutritious Food:

Changing food habits can help to get rid of low blood pressure problems. Keep some nutritious foods in your diet. Eat plenty of protein-rich food everyday.
*Eat foods with fiber, fish, meat, milk, eggs and plenty of vegetables.
*Sugar foods such as rice, potatoes, bread, potato and sugar should be avoided.
*Don’t eat too much at a time.

Avoid stress:

Too much mental stress and lack of rest can cause low blood pressure. Too much mental stress not only causes low blood pressure, but also causes many other health problems. You should take sufficient rest. Working too hard or working for a very long time can cause low blood pressure problem. So avoid mental stress and take sufficient amount of rest.
*Don’t stay up for too long at night.
*Don’t stay up at night and work.
* Stay away from negative thoughts.
* Sleep for at least 7 hours a day.

Changing some common habits and changing food habits can help you to keep your blood pressure normal. But if you till have trouble with low blood pressure, you should consult a doctor immediately.



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