8 Foods Responsible for Constipation

Problem of constipation is not considered as a serious problem, but it appears to be the origin of various physical problems. Constipation can cause appetite, bad breathe, headaches, depression, acne, minor problems in the face. It can also cause dangerous disease like Ulcer.

Do not ignore the problem of constipation at all. Problem of constipation occur due to un-oriented lifestyle, uncontrolled eating habits, lack of sleep and lack of physical activities. So we should eat properly and we should use our intellects to avoid the problem of constipation. There are some foods that enhances constipation problem. If you eat these types of food on a regular basis, there is a huge chance for you to have constipation problems. So you should avoid eating such foods.

8 Foods that Cause Constipation Problem:


breadIn bread there is Frukten, which don’t get digested easily. When Frukten gets in touch with Bacteria, it creates gas in the stomach. This gas causes digestive problems, stomach pain. Due to this, normal activities of stomach get hampered. Thus in the end it results in constipation problem.

2. Chocolate:

Chocolate is a food responsible for constipation. Little bit of chocolate everyday is good for health because it contains anti-oxidant and Flavanoids. But a study in Germany showed that, eating more than a little chocolate daily can slow down the digestion process. It starts creating constipation problems.

3. Cookies:

Cookies are actually refined form of Carbohydrate. Even though it is made from flour but it contains large amount of fat. Eating too much cookies can cause troubles. It is another food that is responsible for constipation. So don’t eat too much cookies.

4. Raw Banana:

Ripe Banana has large amount of soluble fiber. Ripe banana helps to prevent constipation problems. But in the other hand, raw banana is a food that is responsible for constipation.
However, raw banana is very much nutritious. So don’t stop eating raw banana at all. Just moderate the intake of raw banana.

5. Chips:

Potato chips are made from potatoes and Carbohydrate-rich foods which contains large amount of fiver and fat. Foods that contain fat are very bad for health. Extra fat-rich foods cause digestion problems which leads to constipation. So if you have the habit of eating too much chips, it is time for you to give up that habit.

6. High Protein-rich Foods:

Eggs, dairy foods, red meat, liver which contains high amount of protein, enhances the chances of constipation. Protein is hard to digest. It is hard for the body to digest protein-rich foods. Protein-rich foods sometimes create digestion problems. If you have stomach ache or gas after eating protein-rich foods such as eggs, dairy foods, red meat( beef, mutton), you should consult a doctor and should reduce the intake of protein- rich food. However, hot milk in the other hand helps to reduce constipation problems.

7. Oily foods:

Foods that contain too much oil is very bad for the digestion system. Oily foods instantly create gas in the stomach. It can also cause stomach ache and vomiting. Oily foods contain high amount of oil and oil don’t get digested easily and it takes too much time to digest. Eating oily foods can badly hamper the digestion process and cause constipation.

8. Caffeine:

Drinking coffee can make you feel relaxed. It can make you feel good in the morning. But if you have habit of drinking too much coffee, there is a bad news for you. Too much caffeine is bad for health and it creates constipation problems. You should not drink too much caffeine.



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