8 Ways To Keep A Good Heart Even After The Age Of 30

Pressures of life suddenly continues to grow after the age of 30. Life becomes much more complicated during career pressures, family pressures. Each of them continues to grow in equal steps. All this pressures increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. But there are some things you can do to avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease and enjoy a wonderful life.

Here are some advices for you to keep your heart good at the growing age:

1. Avoid Stress:

Office work stress, family stress, these are very much hard to avoid. But you can learn how to handle them. The more you will learn to relax, the more peace you will find. You will be able to stay stress free.
Researchers say that, any kind of exercise will help you eliminate stress. Choose any exercise you like. It will help you to get rid of stress. You can also do meditation or any of your favorite things to stay away from stress.

2. Regular Exercise:

It is important to do regular exercise to keep a good heart after 30 years. You should do exercise regularly. Exercising for 15-20 minutes will be enough to keep your heart in good condition. It will also help you control weight, which is another thing to keep a good heart.

3. Eat Healthy Food:

We often eat unhealthy foods in holidays with our friends or families. Analysts say that, to keep a good heart, unhealthy food should be avoided. Unhealthy food increase calories and cholesterol and increases the risk of heart disease. Add protein rich foods and Omega -3 Fatty Acid rich foods in your diet. However, avoid eating red meat (mutton, beef).

4. Sleep Well:

Good sleep is very important for the body. Lack of sleep can cause Stroke and Cardiovascular diseases. Go to sleep and wake up at a certain time. Avoid Smoking or drinking before sleep. Don’t eat heavy food before going to sleep.

5. Breakfast in The Morning:

You must not skip your morning breakfast. It is very important to eat healthy and nutritious breakfast. You should have a good breakfast in order to stay active throughout the whole day. Skipping your breakfast or not having healthy and nutritious breakfast will damage your health and will cause you lots of health issues. If you have the habit of skipping your breakfast, you must get over it.

6. Birth Control Method:

If you have high blood pressure or a family history of heart disease, then use of different types of birth control methods (pill, patches) can damage your heart. Therefore, before using any birth control method, get expert advice first. Don’t take any kind of birth control pills without the consultation of a doctor.

7. Reduce the Amount of Salt and Sugar Intake:

Eating lots of sugar will increase Cholesterol and Triglycerides level. Eating additional amount of salt can cause high blood pressure. Sugar and salt is very bad for heart and should be avoided. But it is not possible to avoid them totally. But you can reduce the amount of Sugar and Salt intake. You can keep the intake of Sugar and Salt under control. Avoid eating creamy foods such as Cake, Pastries and etc.

8. Avoid Drinking and Smoking:

Drinking or Smoking directly affects heart. The habit of drinking and smoking can cause severe damage to your heart. These not only causes heart problems but also many other health problems as well. So if you have the habit of drinking or smoking, you must quit if you want to keep your heart in a good condition.



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