9 Diet Advice That Can Help To Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease. There is no cure yet invented for cancer. We should become a little bit aware about our eating habits and bring some changes in our lifestyle, this way we can prevent cancer.
According to researchers, good diet is very important in the prevention of cancer. There are 9 diet advices that can help in the prevention of Cancer. Following these 9 simple diet advices will reduce the risk of cancer.

Here are The 9 Diet Advice to Prevent Cancer:

1. Avoid materials that are responsible for Cancer:

Foods that can cause cancer need to be avoided. Any kind of food or drugs that contains the materials which causes cancer, need to be avoided. It affects body’s cellular metabolic processes. It creates carcinogens. Smoking, tobacco and consumption of alcohol are the things that result in carcinogens. Avoiding drugs can reduce the risk of cancer.

In addition, several types of gases and harmful chemicals can also cause cancer. People who work in gas or chemical factories need to be more aware. Avoid processed food. Those contain materials that can cause cancer. Eat fresh fruit and green vegetables.

2. Eat Green Vegetables:

Green vegetables helps to prevent cancer. The best time for vegetables is winter. Green vegetables such as Spinach, Green beans should be kept in your daily food chart. You can use these green vegetables to make soup or noodles. Green vegetables help reduce the efficacy of Cancer substances.

3. Bring Colors To Your Dish:

There is an old proverb, the more colorful the food dish is, the more good health you can expect from it. So decorate your dish with vegetables of different colors.

Vegetables have vitamins that help prevent Cancer. Decorate your dish with vegetables like Cauliflower, Carrots, Spinach, etc.

4.Garlic and Onion:

You must keep Garlic and Onion in your food chart. You don’t need to intake large amount of Garlic and Onion. Eating a little bit of Garlic and Onion on a regular basis will be enough. Garlic and Onion work very well to prevent Cancer. So make sure you add Garlic and Onion in your food chart.

5. Become a Vegetarian:

You can try becoming a vegetarian and eat vegetables only. Avoid red meat. Avoid beef and Mutton. This type of meat helps to create Cancer.

According to a recent study, avoiding any kind of red meat and eating green vegetables instead can help to prevent cancer. So avoid eating red meat and eat lots of vegetables instead.

6. Avoid Fried Foods:

You should not eat fried foods. It can lead to cancer. It also creates various health problems. Avoid fried foods at any cost.

7. Eat Herbal Food:

Some herbal foods have Anti-oxidant. These Anti-Oxidants helps to close the Membranes of cancer cells.

Herbal foods such as Withaniasomnifera, Tulsi, Triphala can be very useful. You can try building up the habit of eating them regularly.

8. Avoid Soft Drinks:

Any kind of soft drink such as Soda or Cola is harmful for health. It can cause Cancer too.

Soda and soft drinks that contain high amount of sugar, helps to increase cancer cells in the body. So you should not drink Soda or Cola too much.

9. Avoid Smoked Food:

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon gets created while processing smoked food. It is responsible for causing stomach stone. It increases the risk of stomach cancer.

Lately Cancer rate has increased more than ever. And many people are being affected every day. We ourselves are responsible for the growth of cancer cells in our body. Our carelessness and unhealthy lifestyle is the main reason of Cancer.



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