9 Ways to Cure Insomnia

Normal or healthy adults need to have 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. But some may have the ability to stay normal with 6 hours of sleep. Sleep decreases with age. The amount can get down to 4 hours. Some people need lots of sleep some needs a little.

Children usually sleep from 9 to 11 hours. However babies of a few months of age can sleep throughout the whole day.

Only an insomnia patient knows how painful it is to not be able to sleep. People who have insomnia, they lie on bed and cry for a little sleep.

5-6 hours of sleep is enough for an adult person. But there are people who can’t have this amount of sleep. It is a matter of wonder that at least one in five of us suffer from insomnia.

People spend lots of money on doctors. They take expensive treatments. But still there is no use of them. In the end they have to depend on sleeping pills. There are many people around you who are facing this problem. Are you an insomniac too?

What is the treatment of insomnia? Is it possible to get rid of insomnia? Researchers are working day and night about this problem.

Here are some suggestions for you to get rid of insomnia. If you follow these suggestions, you will be able to have nice and comfortable sleep.

1. Avoid Provocative Things:

If you avoid taking provocative drugs or medications, you can have a sound sleep. Some people smoke or drink coffee before going to sleep. Both of them are harmful for sleep. Nicotine of Cigarette and Caffeine of Coffee causes neuronal excitation and drives sleep away. The same thing goes with chocolates and painkillers. High blood pressure medicines hamper sleep. Those who eat Chinese food also face difficulties in sleeping. Some people drink orange or lemon juice before going to sleep. But Orange and lemon contains a color named Tartrazine which hampers sleep.
So, for a sound sleep, you need to avoid all these things.

2. Avoid Alcohol:

Some people think that alcohol is quite helpful for sleep. But extra alcohol affects brain and causes massive damage to the rhythm of sleep. Alcohol consumption will not let you have a continuous sleep. Sometimes you won’t be able to sleep at all. So for a sound sleep you must avoid consumption of alcohol.

3. Drink Milk Regularly:

Some people can’t digest milk. But those who don’t get any side effects after drinking milk can try drinking a glass of milk everyday before sleep. Milk contains an Amino acid named Tryptophan. When Tryptophan goes to the brain it turns into a chemical named Serotonin which can help you fall asleep faster and can give you a better sleep.

4. Don’t Take Sleeping Pills:

Some people take sleeping pills on a regular basis. But if this goes on, the person gets dependent on sleeping pills. People who take sleeping pills regularly will not be able to sleep naturally in the future. So try to avoid sleeping pills and try to sleep naturally.

5. Do not hold on to Grudges:

If you hold on to grudges, anger and stress, you will not be able to sleep. Leave them all behind before you go to sleep. Sing your favorite song, relax yourself. If you had a fight with someone, patch it up.

6. Eat Lots of Salad:

If you eat Lettuce regularly, you will have sound sleep. Put some Lettuce in your Salad and eat it before you go to sleep.

7. Place fragrant in Bed:

Ancient people used to sprinkle perfume in the house before going to sleep. A good fragrant can soothe you and make you fall asleep. So place some fragrant in your bed.

8. Eliminate Physical Disease:

Insomnia is not only caused by mental reasons. It can also be caused by physical reasons. Some people can’t sleep because of physical illness. So if you have any physical disease, eliminate it in order to have sound sleep.

9. Stay Stress Free:

Stress is one of the main reasons of Insomnia. Try to avoid stress at any cost. Let go of all the stress and get lost in the ocean of sleep.



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