Acne Problems – Cause & Treatment

Having Acne Problems?

It is very rare to meet people who didn’t face acne problems during or after adolescence. Acne is a normal thing, but if it becomes excessive, then it is something to worry about. Normally, acne is seen in the sensitive parts of the skin like face, neck, chest and back. More or less, people of any age can have acne problems. But people who have oily skin tend to suffer more because of acne.

Why Do We Have Acne?

There are many causes of acne, but the main cause of acne is impure skin. In the other hand oily skin also get affected by acne. Excessive oily skin tends to get affected by acne very often. People with oily skin are always seen fighting with acne. Many women get acne during maternity. Using cheap and bad quality cosmetics can also cause pimple problems.

How To Get Rid Of Acne?

-Easiest way to get rid of pimple problem is by keeping the face oil free. Wash your face at least twice everyday, using a good quality cleanser or face wash.
-Before using any kind of cleanser or face wash, it is important for you to know what type of skin you have. You should know whether you have oily skin or not.
-Be sure to drink plenty of water. Incidence of skin acne will be reduced if you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.
-If you have the habit of eating fried foods, then you must get over it. You should as well as avoid oily and fat foods and instead you should eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables.
– Don’t use too much cosmetics in the face. If you must use, then wash your face immediately after you get back from any event. It is not a good idea to keep make up for too long.
-When buying cosmetics, check the brand and expiry date properly. Cheap or bad quality cosmetics can give you pimples and it can also damage your precious skin. So do not buy cheap cosmetics. Pay a little more and buy good quality cosmetics. Don’t damage your skin while trying to save a little money.
-Insomnia and stress affects our body. It is not unusual to have acne because of insomnia or stress. So staying up late at night should be avoided. Irregular lifestyle and the habit of not eating in time should be avoided. Having normal sleep and eating on a fixed time will retain the natural brightness of your skin.
– It you get pimples, it is not a good idea to touch them. It creates spot in the face and it can also cause pimples in the other parts of the face.
– The Sun’s harmful ray causes severe damage to the skin. Many people get rashes in their skin and lose their natural beauty. That’s why you should apply sun cream before you go out in the sun.
-Keeping your skin clean and dirt free is a must. Dirty and impure skin can cause severe pimple problems. Make sure you keep your skin dirt free. Wash your face several times a day. Wash your face properly when you come back home from outside.

Finally, keep in mind that the skin must not be allowed to accumulate dirt. Skin cells take in Oxygen. If the dirt is turned off in the cells then the air traffic gets blocked and thus it causes pimples. That’s why skin must be kept clean and pure. In addition you should stay away from stress, you should eat decent foods and build up the habit of sleeping in time.



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