AIDS – Symptoms & Prevention

AIDS is a deadly disease. There is no medicine yet invented to cure this disease. That’s why people are very much afraid of this disease. There are also many misconceptions about the patients with this disease. But the sad thing is people don’t have any idea about this disease.

Many people do not know the symptoms of this disease. Many people do not even know to prevent this disease.

Let’s Know About the Symptoms of This Disease-

1. Person affected with this disease will have severe weight loss.
2. The patient will feel very much tired.
3. There will be fever for a very long time.
4. There could be blows in the face or in the neck.
5. This disease can also cause Nausea.
6. There can be Diarrhea that lasts for more than one month.
7. Affected person can have pain in the head, eyes or in the muscles.
8. Affected person will feel very much exhausted.
9. There can be various kinds of Sores in the skin of an affected person.
10. There will be problems with the ear nose and throat.
11. There will be blisters and sores around the lips and sexual organs, and it will gradually get spread in the whole body.

Every person in the society should treat AIDS patients properly. AIDS patients must not get neglected. We must show affection, compassion, and love to an AIDS patient, so that mentally, he can get a little peace.

There are some necessary steps that should be taken to prevent AIDS:

1. Physical relation with any other men or women besides husband or wife should be avoided.
2. If needed, condom should be used during sex.
3. Another man’s shaving blades, razor can not be used. No matter how much close relation you have with that person.
4. Any kind of drug addiction must be discarded.
5. AIDS-infected women should not conceive. Because there is a huge chance that their babies might be born with AIDS too. However, nowadays, with the consultation of doctors and special treatments, some women give birth to AIDS free children. So before taking child, necessary treatments should be taken.
6. If you have any reason to take or give blood, then make sure you take a blood test before that.
7. Needle and syringe should not be used more than once.
8. In the surgery, doctors will have to stay alert. Equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.
9. School textbooks should include comprehensible and easy information about AIDS, so that the children get exact knowledge about AIDS before stepping into adolescent.
10. Professional blood donors must not be allowed to donate blood. Law enforcement authority must take steps to stop professional blood donors.
11. Healthy people should be encouraged to donate blood.
12. People must be made aware about the danger of AIDS through Radio, television, newspaper or any kind of media.
13. AIDS can attack without any warning. You can be a victim of this disease through another person. But a little caution and proper knowledge about this disease can give you maximum protection from this disease.

No more ignorance. Let us know more about AIDS and learn to protect ourselves from this dangerous disease. If we bring some simple changes in our lifestyle and stay aware about some facts, we can stay safe from AIDS. We must get proper idea about this disease. We must know about the symptoms and preventions about this disease. We must take necessary steps to keep ourselves safe from AIDS. Knowledge and information about AIDS should be spread everywhere.



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