Asthma – Symptoms & Prevention

Asthma is a respiratory disease. Asthma can be caused due to many problems. A few years ago scientists had different idea about Asthma. But the concept has changed so much today. Today the disease is well documented in many specific theories and Asthma treatment has come to a new era. The number of Asthma patient is rising throughout the whole world.

Controlling Asthma is much more difficult than to control Diabetes. It is because the basis of controlling Diabetes is to control diet, which depends on the patient own will. But controlling Asthma is based on cold, dust, viruses or environmental controls, which the patients can’t control.

Asthma is a disease with shortness of breath. It is practically a respiratory disease. Asthma is a Greek word. More than 15 million people around the world are infected with Asthma.

What are The Reasons Of Asthma?

People of any age can be infected with Asthma. However, it is not infectious or contagious. Sometimes inflammatory increases the bronchial sensitivity. As a result, it can lead to symptoms like frequent coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, noise, chest tightness or difficulty in breathing. If appropriate treatment is not given in the right time, the disease can cause death. The exact cause of Asthma is not yet known. Anything alone can’t be held responsible for this disease. Studies have shown that this disease can be caused by environmental facts or sometimes for genital issues. If any relatives are affected by it or if someone has strong allergy for some specific things, then it can cause Asthma. If your bronchial are highly sensitive, then you might get Asthma.

Dust mites that remain in dusts, tiny insects, flowers, animals and feather from pollen, fungi, malt and east can cause Asthma. Those who stay in any kind of direct or indirect smoke can also have Asthma. Smoking is also a major cause of Asthma. It not only causes breathing problems, it can also increase the severity of Asthma.

Asthma reduces the effectiveness of drugs, sometimes decreases the efficiency of lung. Sometimes the disease may be caused by a person’s career. Some elements can affect sensitive patients and cause bronchial infection. For example: Allergic elements, air pollution, cigarette smoke and etc.

Stress can also increase the severity of Asthma. Asthma patients should avoid stress.

Asthma can be caused because of food allergy too. However, very few people get shortness of breath because of food allergy. Various perfume, mosquito coils can cause shortness of breath.

Asthma Symptoms:

* Making sound while breathing.
* Breathing hardly.
* Experiencing chest tightness.

Asthma Patients Should Be Aware About These Things:

1. Should avoid smoking or consumption of any kind of tobacco.
2. Cold air increases the severity of Asthma. At this time, amount of medicines need to be increased.
3. Exercise and physical activity should not be discouraged. Exercise keeps the body fit and protects body from high blood pressure or any other complex diseases.
4. The environment should be kept clean and fresh. Air ventilation must be free.


No medicine is yet invented to cure Asthma wholly. However, this disease can be controlled through proper treatment. If it is kept under control, the Asthma patient can lead a healthy and normal life. Uncontrolled Asthma is as deadly as Heart Attack. It can cause death too. An important step to control Asthma is to notice patient symptoms and under what circumstances patient faces shortness of breath. The reasons should be evaluated and the patient should be kept away from things that cause shortness of breath.



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