Bad Habits That Causes Hair Loss Of Women

Everyday we build up some bad habits that are harmful for our hair. Hair expert Allen Bowman says that “From our diet to our lifestyle, there are some things that create hair fall problems”
Lets know about the bad habits that causes hair fall-

Bathing With Hot Water:

Sometimes we take bath using hot water. This removes the moisture from our skin and makes skin rough. Bathing using hot water also makes hair dry and dull. It can give your hair fracture ends and can break your hair. That’s why the habit of bathing with hot water is harmful for your hair.

Using Heat Straightener:

Straightener gives heat to hair and helps to turn curly hair into straight hair. But any material that heats up your hair is very harmful. This can damage the cells of your scalp. Using Heat Straightener or any Material that gives heat to your hair weakens the root of hair and causes hair fall.

Snack Food:

Any kind of food produces energy in our body which makes the organs of our body work. But Snack Foods are harmful for our health. Because Snack Foods leave bad effect in our digestion system. Thus it hampers the activities of other organs such as Liver and Heart. It also affects brain. Thus it results in hair fall problems.

Tying Up Wet Hair:

After bathing you should open up your hair and dry it properly. But many women have this bad habit of tying up their wet hair. They tie their wet hair very tightly. This is very harmful for hair because hair, when wet remains very weak. It weakens the root of hair and can leave permanent damage.

Use Of Various Kinds Of Toiletries:

To keep our hair shiny and black, we use many toiletries item. These items can damage our hair because they are made of chemical ingredients. These chemicals when used very often can damage our hair badly and can cause severe hair fall.

Taking Birth Control Pills:

Taking Birthn Control pills sometimes changes hormone and creates hair fall problem. Hair expert Allen Bowman says that “Birth Control pills contain a substance named Androgen which helps to weaken hair. This creates massive hair fall problem”. So, women should be aware while taking Birth Control pills.

The Habit Of Not Cleaning Hair:

This is one of the main reason of hair fall. Sometimes we come home after a long day. Our hair gets filled with dirt and pollution. But yet sometimes we don’t clean our hair properly. Dirt stays in our hair and slowly damages our hair. That’s why get hair fall problems.

Drying Your Hair In The Sun:

The Ultra Violet of the Sun Ray is very dangerous for hair. It makes hair dull and rough and causes hair fall. You must not dry your hair under direct Sun Ray.

Habit Of Taking Medicines A Lot:

Some medicines are harmful for your hair. Taking those medicines can cause hair fall problems. Sayatin, Anti-Depressent, Anti- Anxiety Agents, Anty-Hypertensive, these type of medicines makes the hormone system unstable and creates hair fall problems.

Brushing Your Hair Too Hardly Or Too Often:

If you brush your hair too hard or brush your hair very often, your hair will get weak and start to fall. Brushing your hair hardly will weaken the root of your hair and cause hair fall problems. Brush your hair gently and don’t brush too often.
Don’t use hard or sharp combs to brush your hair. Using hard or sharp comb will damage your scalp and will also effect the skin of your head. Use soft and less sharp comb to brush your hair.



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