Diabetes: Nothing To Worry About

People of any age can have Diabetes. However, people who age 50 or above are mostly affected by Diabetes. When the foods don’tget converted into Glucose in the body, the amount of sugar in the blood increases. Then because of food digestion all the foods turn into fat, protein and Carbohydrate. As a result, people get Diabetes.

Diabetes is a kind of disease that can’t be cured wholly. But if a Diabetes patient lives by rules, it is possible to live a healthy life. A Diabetes patient needs to do the right things in the right time.

Hunger Or Thirst:

When the blood sugar level rises, it increases thirst. Many think that they are hungry, but in maximum time it is a mistake. If you get a feeling like this, drink a glass of water. If you don’t feel hungry after 20 minutes, it was just thirst. But if you still feel the same after 20 minutes then eat an apple and a handful of peanuts.

Fibers Everyday:

Diabetes patients need to take 25 to 30 grams of fiber everyday. Perry contains 5 grams of fiber, Apple contains 4 grams and half cup of Spinach contains 3 grams of fiber. Make sure you have enough fiber in your meals.

Basil Leaves:

It may wonder you but it is true. Basil leaves can increases your scent strength and can encourage you. You can put Basil leaves in hot water and take vapor. It will reduce tiredness and will make you feel fresh.

Skin Care:

Diabetes patients must take care of their skin. Because diabetes patients have lower emission of sweat. It makes the skin dry and dull. Extra care is needed for feet. Moisturizers can help to maintain good skin.

Get Rid of Extra Body Weight:

Weight loss is directly involved with the health of a diabetes patient. According to a study, the first 7 kilograms weight loss can reduce 60% risk of increased blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Doesn’t Mean You Should Not Eat:

Many people think that Diabetes means no sweet food in your diet. But this is a wrong idea. You can eat everything, but you have to eat wisely. You can eat Banana, Apple, Mango or any kind of sweet fruit, but you have to consult a doctor before that. You can eat large amount of Salad and Vegetable Soup.

Eat After Every Two Hours:

Diabetes patients get hungry more often. Eat after every two hours. But don’t eat much. Eat light foods. You can eat Oatmeal, Yogurt, Fruit Salad, Papaya Juice and etc.

Walk Regularly:

Walking is very good exercise for diabetes patients. Walk for two hours everyday. It will keep your body weight under control. It will keep your body fit and healthy.


It is necessary to take special care so that the disease doesn’t get transmitted. That’s why it is very much important to take vaccine and medicine. A diabetes patient needs to consult a doctor regularly.

Regular Exercise:

Exercise is useful for everyone. It is much more useful for a diabetes patient. Regular exercise will reduce extra body fat and will make you fit. It will help you to prevent heart and lung problems.

Stay Safe:

Diabetes patients need to stay safe from any kind of accident. Diabetes is a kind of disease that reduces the ability of body’s recovering process. So if a diabetes patient gets into an accident or gets any scar, it will take much longer time to heal. So diabetes patients need to stay alert and avoid any kind of accident. Be careful while using sharp objects like knives or etc.

So take away from Diabetes and carefully maintain routine.



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