Jaundice – Symptoms & Prevention

What To Do If You Have Jaundice?

Jaundice is a common word. Almost everyone knows about this disease. If not given the perfect treatment in time, the disease can get complicated and the patient can die. Mainly Jaundice is not a Disease. It is a symptom of disease.
Jaundice will make your eyes and skin yellowish. It happens because the amount of a material named Bilirubin increase in the body when a person has Jaundice.
Natural amount of Bilirubin is

What is Jaundice?

When the skin, Mucous Membrane and eyes turn yellow, it is called Jaundice. Normally, our body replaces 1% used red blood cells with new red blood cells. The used red blood cells produce Bilirubin, which gets out of the body through stool.
If somehow the Bilirubin doesn’t get out of the body, it increases in amount and causes Jaundice. Bilirubin turns skin and eyes yellow.

Symptoms and Reasons of Jaundice:

The main Symptom of Jaundice is yellowish eyes and skin. If the disease goes way too far, the skin and eyes can get deep yellow. Sometimes stool turns white in color, the patient gets itches and etc. Feeling weak, Fever, Vomiting, Stomach Ache are also symptoms of Jaundice.

Reason of Jaundice is divided into three classes. Hepatocellular, Obstruction and Hemolytic Anemia. If affected by Jaundice, one must consult a doctor and be sure about its reason.


Staying clean, eating sterilized food and water is the key to survive the attack of Jaundice. Be careful while drinking water, Fruit Juice from the streets. Hepatitis B vaccine should be taken in time. In case of Hepatitis B, one vaccine in the first month, another one in the second month and another one should be taken between six months. One dose of vaccine is enough for Hepatitis B. Booster vaccines are given once in every five years. When affected by Jaundice, taking vaccine won’t help you. That is why you should take the vaccine before you get jaundice.

Because Jaundice is not a disease, so there is no specific medicine for it. The amount of Bilirubin gets stable in 28 days and Jaundice goes away. A Jaundice patient must stay in full rest, must eat sugar and vitamin C filled foods. Glucose, pineapple juice, these are useful for Jaundice patients.

If you have Jaundice, you should not take Painkillers, Aspirin or any kind of Sleeping Pills. Doctors say that just because Jaundice is not a disease, it should not be neglected. There are many wrong thoughts about Jaundice. They should be avoided.

When To Consult A Doctor:

When children or adults eyes turn yellow, it should be considered as Jaundice. Consulting a Doctor immediately is must do thing.

Take Care of Jaundice Patient at Home:

* before any kind of treatment, the reason of Jaundice should be figured out.
* Patient must drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruit
* Nails should be kept clean and small
* Patient should take sufficient rest
*Foods need to be covered all the time
*Patient should drink plenty of Glucose, Pineapple Juice etc.
*Patient should eat foods that have sugar and Vitamin C
*Patient should take extra care of his liver.
*Patient must not do any kind of hard work.
*Patients room and his belongings must be kept clean.



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